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Align your customer service with your business goals.

We offer Quality Assurance and VoIP Solutions for small businesses, professional service firms, and Contact Centers.  Our customized scorecards, data analysis, and deep compliance experience help turn your call recordings into useful data to grow your business.

What We Do at Callicity®

Callicity® takes the tools you already have — call recordings that often sit ignored — and turns them into data that is useful for your business. Best of all, instead of dividing the attention of your front-line employees and making them learn new technology, we manage the technology for you.

We exist solely to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed, grow, and thrive. We live by our motto, Sapere Aude: “Dare to Know.”

Watch the video to learn more about Callicity’s Integrity or click here.

PBX, Video Conferencing, and Live Chat

Gain freedom of choice.

Your team can work productively from anywhere using our 3CX voice apps, which are cloud-based and 100% platform-independent.

  • Conduct remote business meetings via web conferencing (no apps needed!)
  • Service customer requests via website live chat
  • Use as many extensions as you need
  • With us managing your 3CX PBX, you can do all this and much more! 

The Master Tool To Master Your Business

Our Integrity Data Analytics can revolutionize your customer service and compliance.

Callicity’s Integrity offers unparalleled insight into your business, allowing you to track the interactions that are important to you, and empower your team to be top performers. Integrity analyzes both the content and emotion of your customer interactions. Every call. Every word. Every time. Click here to read our Integrity FAQs.

Sapere Aude: “Dare to Know.”

Great businesses have great partners.

Open the door to AI tools and reporting that allow you to boost your business to the next level. We offer quality assurance (QA) services to your existing customers, on top of any PBX platform. You resell it, the business manages it, and we provide any business analytics your client may need, including training. It’s a win-win, for you and your client.

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We believe the best “Voice of the Customer” is the customer’s voice.

For most businesses, retaining even ONE customer pays for our services, Our team has decades of experience in Information Technology, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Contact Centers, Business Analytics, and Customer Service. We love to serve small and medium-sized businesses of all types.

Ready To Get Started?

Crack the code of your business. Whatever your platform, we have a solution to help you grow your business, minimize your compliance risks, and serve your customers better.