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About Us

We believe the best “Voice of the Customer” is the customer’s voice. 

Our Mission & Values

We’ve been there. We know the struggle of running small businesses. Everyone our team has also worked in Fortune 250 companies. We love the small businesses, the boutique firms, the medium-size practices. We like helping those organizations thrive, take on partnerships, and create jobs and goodwill in their communities. We sleep better at night knowing that our contribution matters.

We believe in making success accessible. Many SMB entities would love to avail themselves of the enterprise tools the Fortune 500 companies have access to but they often don’t have the scale or the resources to warrant those tools. They don’t have the budget to build their own quality assurance or business analytics department. But they can allow us to do it as an outsource.

The best part? For most practices, retaining even ONE customer pays for our service. Imagine what you could do for your business if you retained even more.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

– Colin Powell

Certified. Trusted. Experienced.

We believe in helping small and medium-sized businesses succeed. We exist to offer enterprise tools at a reasonable price so these smaller organizations can compete with the “big guys” and thrive.

We take the tools you already have — your data, information, and call recordings — and turn them into data that is useful for your business. Best of all, instead of dividing the attention of your front-line employees and making them learn new technology, we manage the technology for you.

Our team has decades of experience in Information Technology, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Call Centers, Business Analytics, and Customer Service. While we specialize in the fields of healthcare, telephony, and hospitality, we love to serve small and medium-sized businesses of all types.

We have partnered with VoIP and telephony partners like Yealink, Grandstream, Poly, Snom, and Fanvil. We excel at using CallCabinet’s Atmos scorecards and tools to turn your business data into valuable information you can use. We are certified in 3CX technology to offer state of the art PBX solutions for your business with valuable office productivity and call center solutions.


In the world of COVID, it’s harder than ever to stay in business. You need tools to help you pivot.

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot spare the resources and investment required to build their own QA department, which is why we offer an outsourced QA option at a reasonable rate. We provide you with big business tools at a fraction of the cost, so you can improve your business services, retain customers, lower employee churn, and vastly improve your customer service.


Our Integrity Data Analytics in Action

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