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Resell Quality Assurance, Compliance, and Training.

We offer quality assurance (QA) services to your existing customers on top of any PBX platform. You resell it, the business manages it, and we provide any business analytics your client may need, including training. It’s a win-win, for you and your client.

Need fax service?

We offer outbound faxing service too! Although the 3CX platform can receive faxes, sometimes you just need to send one.

What Is Callicity’s Integrity?

You get all the features of Atmos but we are the outsourced quality assurance (QA) department. Teams can’t effectively QA each other, nor does it offer you the same level of compliance to have internal staff perform this function. We are objective, and we have deep experience in QA that your team may lack. Your customers need to concentrate on managing their business, let us manage the QA and compliance. Plus, Callicity’s experts can do this work for much less than it would take you to hire for this position.

Callicity’s Integrity is a platform-independent tool that provides a window into your customers’ business communications. Our Integrity process brings increased compliance, call recording, quality assurance, and analytics to businesses of any size.

Help your clients harness the power of their voice data and reap business intel from their recorded customer calls. They gain a competitive advantage by spotting trends, proactively resolving issues, and anticipating market demands before their competition.

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We seamlessly integrate CallCabinet’s Atmos to bring award-winning compliance call recording, quality assurance, agent evaluation, and analytics to businesses of any size.

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Allow your clients to quickly resolve disputes, expertly train their staff, maintain compliance, and optimize the customer experience.

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We believe in minimizing risk for maximum compliance.

Meeting PCI-DSS requirements is an overwhelming task for any company. Every single time your client takes one of their customer’s credit card number over the phone, their company is subject to PCI-DSS regulations. These compliance laws require organizations to remove payment card (PCI) data from all call recordings and transcripts. In the past, companies that have failed to remove PCI data have been breached, exposing their customers to the lasting damage of data and identity theft. The cost to the company can be catastrophic.

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We provide two ways for your customer to capture the data associated with any customer service team. Every call between customers and agents produces data, and not all of it is audio. Recording screen activity paints a complete picture of an employee’s call progress, across single or multiple screens.

4 ways this all-encompassing approach deeply enhances the QA process:

  • Spot areas for improved employee interactions.
  • Identify repetitive actions that slow down a call’s progress.
  • Evaluate employees’ focus during calls.
  • Take a holistic approach to employee scoring.

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Get Integrity for your customers.

Choose Integrity where we perform your Quality Assurance (QA) in an outsourced model. Integrity University includes customized training for your team. Integrity Legal is an enhanced version where we provide the transcripts, sentiment analysis and review but, rather than QA, we have all of the calls transcribed (i.e. stenographic services), with analyzed calls reviewed by our team of certified paralegals. Every Integrity package includes customized dashboards, scorecards and reporting. For DIY clients, we can provide Atmos by CallCabinet so you can manage your own QA.

“The first one gets the oyster, the second gets the shell.”

– Andrew Carnegie

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