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Knowledge is power.

At Callicity®, we innovatively help our clients get to know their individual customers by turning untapped, existing call information into knowledge to help them become a more powerful advocate for their customers and employees by improving the customer experience.

There is no better Voice of the Customer than the customer’s voice.  Become a more powerful advocate for your customers and employees by improving the customer experience. 

Sapere Aude. Dare to Know.

How often do you listen to the recordings of your customers’ phone calls?  Chances are, not very often, if at all.  Most business owners and managers do not have the cycles needed to review all their calls to ensure that their customers are being treated appropriately.  Only when there is a complaint or concern are these recordings accessed.

The amount of information contained in these recordings is astronomical and can be used to develop training and to support coaching opportunities.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to all of that information at any time you need or want it?  With Callicity's Integrity, you can.

AI Tools. Our team reinforces the AI tools we use with a deep level of business analysis and quality assurance experience.

100% of your data. Most quality assurance teams take a sampling of your data and calls. We use ALL of it. Every call. Every time.

Your Keywords. We customize your scorecards with the words and phrases that can make or break your business. And we analyze the results to identify problems and improve your business processes.

Callicity's Integrity “listens” to all of your phone calls – both incoming and outgoing – using artificial intelligence.  Integrity will also score each of these calls based on established metrics, keywords, and sentiment. 

Our Integrity process gives you an unparalleled picture of your business. In addition to our customized, unbiased AI analysis, we manually review the top and bottom 3% of calls to determine why they were a top or bottom rated call.

Your scores are all aggregated in a report sent to you regularly based on a schedule of your liking.  Our QA program also offers manual review of a percentage of the highest and lowest scores to uncover the underlying reasons these calls were successful or had failed.

Integrity also offers completely unbiased reporting.  Being that we are two separate entities, there is no chance that one of our QA agents would give a more favorable review to a particular call.  Having an in-house QA department can make it exceedingly difficult to separate the two.

Our deep experience in employee training, customer service, and compliance allows us to recognize and highlight issues in these areas so they can be addressed. We share these answers with you to enrich and empower your team.

Quality Assurance as a Service: Integrity.

Callicity’s Integrity provides unparalleled insight into your business.  Our customized AI allows you to track the interactions that are important to you, and empowers your team toward top performance.  Integrity analyzes both the content and emotion of your customer interactions. Every call. Every word. Every time.

The Master Tool for Amazing Customer Service and Business Growth

Callicity’s Integrity unparalleled insight into your customers’ business and allows them to track the interactions that are important to them. Integrity analyzes both the content and emotion of their customer interactions. Every call. Every word. Every time.

FAQs About Integrity

Customer Service

Integrity by Callicity uses sentiment analysis to determine how the conversation is going between your customers and employees based on tone of voice.  Integrity is intelligent enough to understand if someone is happy, sad, angry or confused. 

Employee Training

Integrity’s insights put you in the driver’s seat with your team’s training needs. Our process uncovers any gaps in your employees’ training, allowing immediate action. Plus, our experienced team can design targeted training for your team if needed.

Compliance Issues

Integrity helps keep you compliant by “listening” for confidential information like Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), then redacting the content from the recording as well as from the speech-to-text transcription.

Eliminate Bias

Callicity’s Integrity process is completely outsourced. This eliminates the inherent bias of one colleague reviewing another. Our business intelligence is completely objective, which translates into unbiased results.

Human Resources

Integrity can be instructed to notify management of any negative or contentious phone calls between customers and employees.  Management can then intervene and try to help ease tensions on the call.

Customer Retention

Every small business owner worries about customer churn. Integrity helps avoid customer service issues and retain clients. Typically, retaining or gaining even one customer each month more than pays for our service.

Phone and PBX Systems

If you need to change phone systems, or are just starting out, we can provide you with quality phones from providers like Yealink, Snom, Grandstream, Poly, and Fanvil. Our managed PBX systems provide core PBX and Contact Center features and Office productivity.  

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

– Colin Powell

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