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Integrity FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Callicity’s Integrity analyzes both the content and emotion of your customer interactions. Every call. Every word. Every time. We look forward to crafting a custom solution to enhance your business.

What is Integrity?

The first step is to request a risk-free consultation.  One of our friendly business consultants will contact you to go review your current quality assurance and compliance practices and how Integrity can help you grow your business.

Which calls are recorded?

All of them!

Gain insight into 100% of your calls rather than the 3% to 5% examined by traditional quality assurance methods. Callicity’s Integrity records and rates every call. Every time.

Which calls are analyzed?

After Integrity’s AI analysis, we manually review the top and bottom 3% of calls to determine why they were a top or bottom rated call. These answers empower your team.

Which phone systems work with Integrity?

Integrity works with the majority of PBX and VoIP platforms. In rare cases of incompatibility, we offer a turnkey solution with 3CX’s award-winning VoIP platform.

How does Integrity improve customer service?

Integrity uses sentiment analysis to determine how the conversation is going between your customers and employees based on tone of voice.  Integrity is intelligent enough to understand if someone is happy, sad, angry or confused. 

How does Integrity assist with employee training?

Integrity’s insights put you in the driver’s seat with your team’s training needs. Our process uncovers any gaps in your employees’ training, allowing immediate action. Plus, our experienced team can design targeted training for your team if needed.

How does Integrity resolve compliance issues?

Integrity helps keep you compliant by “listening” for confidential information like Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), then redacting the content from the recording as well as from the speech-to-text transcription.

Can Integrity help eliminate bias?

Callicity’s Integrity process is completely outsourced. This eliminates the inherent bias of one colleague reviewing another. Our business intelligence is completely objective, which translates into unbiased results.

Does Integrity help diffuse contentious calls?

Integrity can be instructed to notify management of any negative or contentious phone calls between customers and employees.  Management can then intervene and try to help ease tensions on the call.

Can Integrity improve customer retention?

Every small business owner worries about customer churn. Integrity helps avoid customer service issues and retain clients. Typically, retaining or gaining even one customer each month more than pays for our service.

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